Some of our work


For one of our clients we developed a system to track a whole championship, including individual player stats. For administration purposes, the system has a web based backend with multiple administration roles.

Certificate Management

A system to request, create and managed certificates company wide. For example to gain access to the local network (intranet).


Orderforms is a solution to dynamically create orderforms, that can be used to instantly create orders online and offline.

Leasing comparison

Leasing comparison platform to calculate prices for leasing cars based on individual defined filters.

Translation Manager

Our Translation Manager was developed to manage translations and translators. Because the client wanted to keep the data local, we had to create a system consisting of two parts, a frontend (online) and a backend (local). Both parts are connected through an API to give the translators the possibility to accept or decline offers instantly while still giving the customer the possibility to keep most of the data local.

Password Manager

A state of the art password manager with two factor authentication, PPK encryption and sharing functionality.

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