About us

sitorix GmbH

In 2004 the Siebiger/Weigele GbR was founded and later in 2007 renamed to sitorix GmbH. Since then more and more consumers and companys benefit from the many services sitorix provides.

sitorix GmbH is a provider for technical solutions around the internet. The portfolio spans from internet services and software development to complete technical solutions for small and medium sized companies. The implementation of all services and solutions is done by sitorix alone to guarantee high quality and top service.

  • Head office: Stuttgart
  • Founding year: 2007
  • Industry: Internet
  • Form of organization: limited liability company
  • CEO: Robert Siebiger
  • Services:
  • Webhosting / Domain-Hosting
  • Server management
  • Administration and Integration
  • Software development

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